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The Last House

Roles: Systems, Gameplay, Level design and Set Dressing


The Last House is a First-person Point and Click Adventure game. The game takes inspiration from Silent Hill's PT. The development of The Last House was to demonstrate an interconnected system. The player starts inside a house that loops. The player cannot escape the house. Every time the player exits the house, the player re-enters the house. The objects in the rooms change for every loop. Events are triggered dynamically, causing spooky things to happen in the rooms.

Year: 2021

Platform: Windows

Genre: First-person Point and Click Adventure

Engine :Unreal

Brain of the system

Brain Door sending loop level to other objects

The game has one brain controller door that controls everything in the game.

  • The brain sets the game loop state.

  • Depending on the loop state, events trigger

    • Some events sequential triggers after interacting with specific game objects.

    • For example, in loop 2, the key is found on the ground. After interacting with that key, a book falls and triggers physics for newton's cradle to make a sound.

  • The brain door triggers, re-locates, and spawn actors based on loop level.

  • The brain even controls the power supply of the house that makes the lights flicker or switch off or put them in a damaged state.

  • Loop 3 A time code spawns a time code. It is needed to set up a clock in the house. Setting up the clock adds blood decal and triggers a cut scene.

Mechanics and Gameplay

Player and camera movement:


  • The player moves from one position to another by clicking the mist vapors.

  • The camera pans from the current location to the clicked location by finding the world locations of the mist.

  • After the movement the camera locks on a set perspective.

Object highlights and Interaction

  • The world is filled with interactable objects.

  • When player hovers the mouse on to the interactable object, the object is highlighted.

  • The player can click the object which will bring the object in front of the camera. The player can click it back to put the object back.

World Narration:

  • When the player interacts with objects a dialog box opens up telling a narrative through the player's perspective.

  • When player interacts with the world objects, sometimes lights flicker, spooky sounds play, objects move suddenly.

  • At a certain point, the entire room changes with blood splattered around.


  • In the game, doors play an importent role with the world events and narrative progress.

  • The player is stuck in a house and on exiting using the final door, the player respawns at the level beginning and the world will reach next stage.

  • During the 3rd stage, the game is at the ending with a puzzle clock.

Final Puzzle and cut scene:

  • In the 3rd stage the player will find a note near the television that says a specific time.

  • The clock will have its hands glowing showing the point of intrust. 

  • The player has to set the time as described on the note that will play a loud sound and trigger a cut scene. 

  • A hound will come of a room and kill the player. 

  • The has a tragedy game ending matching the story.

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