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Phani Teja Koti

Making moment-to-moment gameplay sequences to leave players with memorable experiences is my quest. 

Dissecting game mechanics, I explore their design philosophies to thoughtfully craft and enhance immersive experiences.


My gaming-honed attention to detail, combined with my deep game taxonomy knowledge, enables me to bring concepts to life, captivating and exciting players.

Combat and AI Demonstration(WIP)

This project aims to build a Realtime Dynamic Difficulty system, based on Skinners Positive Punishment applied on Enemy Boss Behavior analyzing Player's Combat Patterns against Smaller Enemies.

  • Three Unique Smart Enemies (Behavior, attack pattern, animations).

  • Player Combat systems (Combo, reactions and hits)

  • Combat feels systems.

  • Boss Fight.

  • Realtime DDA System: Based on Player's Combat Pattern with different enemies.

This is a working in progress project.

Pillars of Misfortune

First Person Shooter

Pillars of Misfortune is a fast-paced First-person action shooter set in a fantasy environment with dragons and monsters. Experience the power fantasy with different weapons, like igniting laser, multi shot grenade launcher and more. With a smooth character movement, platform through different encounters and reach the final destination.


  • Weapons

  • Systems & Enemies

  • Encounter Design


Third Person Action Adventure

Play as Haki, a farming village girl who needs to fight enemies stealthily with 2 handed sickles and traps. Later she will have to face a boss. To reach the combat area she has to platform by mid-air grappling and wall climbing. Strategically stun enemies by throwing the sickle or take them done by quick strikes and dodges.


  • Combat and AI Systems

  • Level and Encounter Design

  • Boss Fight​

Siri Makes a Game

First person VR

You play as a game developer who uses AI Siri to make a video game.  This is a short narrative game where the developer prompts Siri with instructions. However, Siri misinterprets the developer's intentions and makes a comedic game. 

The intention of the game is to show that AI is not one and do at this stage. It helps speed up the development process with assists.


  • Funny Weapon Designs

  • Simple Gameplay Loop

  • VR locomotion - Fluid 3Cs

  • Audio and Effects


Real-time Strategy

In Manufactory play as the manager of a toy factory assigning workers to different tasks, upgrade machinery and maintain the stakeholder requirements. Beware of the workers, break the 4th wall to mess with you as they gain awareness that they are in a video game.


  • Gameplay Mechanics

  • Balancing and Upgrades

  • Narration, Quests and Progressions

The Lost House

Point and Click Adventure

Player is stuck inside a house that loops infinitely. Players has to unravel the mysteries with interaction. Environment story is the key aspect of this game which is done with lights, sounds and environmental changes. The game was inspired with by the 2014 Kojima Productions' PT. The has a final puzzle that ends with a cutscene.


  • World Systems

  • Gameplay and Level Design

  • Set Dressing

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